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"Fire Escape"

We are the desperate ones, looking for the mark
We are the lonely ones left out here in the dark
We bought our tickets but we don't have a seat
And now we're just slaves to the beat
We are the tired ones, tired of too much sleep
Tired of searching for the words we can't repeat
I don't mean to scare you but it's getting too warm
And I think I'm going to move to the door
We are burning, this is real
We're on fire but we can't feel a thing
We were promised more than we could take
Everybody out it's a fire escape
Gather round my friends, let's try not to pretend
There is a war between the cold out there and the fire within
I know that we're alive, I know that we can dive
Right into the thick of it
I don't want to fill my body with drugs I can't even name
I'm tired of feeling the same
I want to feel something
We are burning, this is real
We're on fire, don't you feel
We were made to be more than just awake
Everybody out it's a fire escape